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Let's compare some examples....

Cost of an International Student going to U of T for computer science

Without our solutions

  • Tuition: $61350/Year (assume not raised in future years)
  • Housing:$1500/Month
  • Internship opportunity: poor
  • transportation: $5000-$10000 (airfare)
  • Meal Plan: $3000-$5000/semester

Total Tuition Cost 4 years:$245,400

Total housing Cost 4 years:$72,000

Total transportation 4 years:$20000-$4000

Total living expenses 4 years: depending on how luxurious your lifestyle is: up to millions

Total cost (Money Gone) $350,000+

With our solutions

  • Tuition: $6100/Year, $11420 2nd year and on
  • Housing: Capital gain depending on the market
  • Internship opportunity:
  • transportation: transit and domestic airfare
  • Meal Plan: no need, grocery purchase 

Total Tuition Cost 4 years:$40,360

Total Housing Cost 4 years:0

Total transportation 4 years:$20000

Total living expenses 4 years: controlled and supervised

Your Monetary cost without our solution will likely be $300,000 more than the Students who followed our solution, but if you compare the opportunity cost, the result is even more stunning....

Opportunity Cost

  1. Lack of Good Intern Opportunity and no income
  2. Can not buy real estate and rent cost is high
  3. Won’t start to financially establish until finding a job
  4. Academic future is not well planned and guided may end up costing more money  due to  failed courses 
  5. May end up spending a lot of money in parties or hang out with the wrong people.

Opportunity Gain

  1. Good Intern Opportunity and income to pay for the tuition.
  2. Real Estate Capital Gain and assets for financial future
  3. Life skills of own and managing property, cook and organize
  4. Business skills school will not teach you by investing in income generating assets while studying
  5. Academic achievement and scholarship opportunities

Conclusion: Our solution will not only save you a lot of money but also set students up for Academic, Career and financial success! This is what the best Academic consular, immigration consultant and investment expert can bring you, what are you waiting for?